In September 2016, Pactio Invest acquired a minority stake in the Israeli start-up, Leviticus Cardio, which has developed technology to wirelessly charge an artificial human heart. This technology shall significantly reduce the risk of health complications (infections) for patients after receiving the implant and increase their quality of life considerably.

At the end of 2018 Leviticus Cardio reached a major milestone in wireless technology development as the company successfully completed first-in-human trial in Astana, Kazakhstan. This achievement was viewed as one of the most important events of the year in cardiology and attracted significant attention from medical professionals around the world.

At present, management is discussing options to either bring new investors or sell the company to a strategic partner.

In June 2017, Pactio Invest purchased a minority stake in the MEDICEM Group, which is focused on the development, production and distribution of innovative medical devices. MEDICEM is active primarily in gynaecology (safe dilation of the uterus) and ophthalmology (intraocular lenses for people suffering from cataract and presbyopia). The company has developed worldwide specialist products with strong market potential in both of these segments.